The mission of Kimberly Heights School is to develop in children a curiosity love for learning that will last a lifetime. We are dedicated to educating children of Early Childhood age, believing that the proper approach to teaching young children will help them in the school years that follow. We believe that our efforts will help children have the opportunity to create happy productive, responsible lives that will benefit themselves and the world we all live in.

General Information for Kimberly Heights Kindergarten

Our kindergarten curriculum is based on the premise that as a result of the kindergarten experience each child will be able to

  • have a sense of self-worth.
  • develop a positive attitude toward learning and life.
  • develop a lifelong curiosity for language and learning.
  • learn independence and self-discipline.
  • acquire habits needed to become a responsible individual and a group member.
  • communicate (by listening, speaking, reading and writing) within the environment through a language experience approach.
  • progress developmentally.
  • process and utilize new information through problem-solving skills.
  • accept responsibility for his/her own actions and accept the results.
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